[Greeting Card] Singlish Passports

Made in Singapore!

$7 SGD each.

2 Designs available: ‘Best Kaki’ and ‘Most Gungho’.

Ever wanted to gift your loved one, travel mate, bro or sis, or your colleague the ‘Best Kaki’ (Best Partner) or ‘Most Gungho’ (Most Invincible) award? Here is the perfect ‘passport’ for your superhero, with no expiry date!

You can also customise the passbook the way you want it: Affixing a photo or a drawing of your recipient.  Give your thanks to these people in your life now!

Works like a charm to encourage your pal after a project, or just to express your thanks any-other-day!

125mm x 88mm (B7 Size) 8pp.

Hotstamped Gold on Efalin cover. 210gsm Artcard, Centre-sewn.
Illustration collab with Lim Pei Yi.

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