[Festive Packets] Singlish Lucky Packets

For enclosing your lui ($) and well-wishes during Wedding occasions, and of course, the Chinese New Year season.

Pick up yours today –  If you are lucky, some packets will contain Random Lucky Numbers!!!

Comes in 2 sizes.

LARGE HUATBAOS Pack – $6.80 SGD for 3 pieces, fits unfolded dollarbills,
SMALL HUATBAOS Pack – $6.80 SGD for 5 pieces, fits folded dollarbills.

Singlish Mamashop begins 2017 with anticipated collaborations that we much love. First up: We explored making cute ang baos from our double-sided Singlish Huat-PosterWrappers :)

As these are handmade by the elders at Lions Befrienders, and not machine-produced, we have limited sets available for the each batch of sale. If you do not mind the perfect imperfections that come from the handcrafted packets, do support us!

Huat Allready! Singlish Ang Bao
Red Festive Packets Prepared by Lions Befrienders Senior Activity Centre
A collaboration with Singlish Mamashop

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