[Book] Singaporelang – What the Singlish?

Singaporelang – What the Singlish?
A Visual Singlish Dictionary by Zinkie Aw

$60 SGD each

Size: 20.5CM x 26.5CM

Book Consists of:
80 Pages
2 x Sticker Sheets
1 x Postcard

Perfect for a friend who would want visual memories from Singapore! This photo-language functions like a game too, where the recipient can attach singlish slogans to each scene photographed.

A Photo-Language Collection

– A dictionary glossary of 100 Singlish into 4 main languages (English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil)
– Consists of 40 photographs that depict Singlish scenarios
– 3 essays on Singlish by Dan Kerson, Gloria Tan, Zinkie Aw
– Sticker pullouts for readers to caption their own photos to complete the scene
– Book encourages reader to fill in the blanks on provided stickers, for their own Singlish interpretations
– A postcard included
– Hard-cover, handmade die-cut, 2 paper types inside.

Efalin Fine Linen (Cover), 150gsm Woodfree (Endpaper), 150gsm Lumisilk (Photographs and Essays), 150gsm Maple White (Dictionary), Mirrokote (Stickers), 1 side coated foodboard (Postcard)
Threadsewn, casebound and cover drawn on. Front cover spot UV and handmade-die-cut. Kiss-cut stickers. A6 postcard. All shrinkwrapped.

If you would like to buy the first edition published by twentyfifteen.sg, see hereThis soft-cover, A3-sized photobook consists of 15 portraits.